Vita Polymers Poland VPHRA high flexibility foam with antimicrobial additive

We are pleased to offer, in response to our customers’ enquiries,  foam with antimicrobial additive to the Polish market.

The concept to introduce the ULTRAFRESH foam with antimicrobial additive satisfies the need for additional microbiological protection measures in the final product – such as a mattress or a piece of furniture made with flexible PUR foam. The antimicrobial additive prevents microbial growth inside the foam, protecting it from microorganisms, which can freely enter from the environment during its use (because of the open-cell foam structure).

VPHRA high flexibility foam products’ distinctive feature is also their vivid and lasting color:
  • VPHRA-3532 – purple
  • VPHRA-4037 – red

The VPHRA foams can be used by a wide range of final consumers who are interested in these new releases, market trends and hygiene – mattresses for hotels, hospitals, small children homes and nursing homes.

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