Environmental responsibility at our company

From the start, Vita Polymers Poland’s production and processing plants were developed with a range of state of the art machines, equipment and technical solutions, considered by The Vita Group to help protect the natural environment from any harmful effects of factory operations, in line with The Vita Group’s Safety and Environmental Policy.


The plants in Brzeg Dolny and Lublin, started foam production equipped with unique systems for filtering the exhaust gas produced during the slabstock foam polymerization process, and remain the only ones in the European continent.

The ventilation system is equipped with a specialized filter array filled with 20 tons of activated carbon, completely preventing any harmful emissions to the atmosphere.

In accordance with The Vita Group’s standards, the plant is equipped with automatic and fully independent fire protection systems (with sprinklers and sensors) as well as integrated continuous monitoring systems installed in the liquid raw materials storage rooms, warehouses, production halls, and in the slabstock foam processing and cutting area. Highly sensitive integrated systems assist the safety of employees in each of our plants and in their surroundings.

Highly effective protection and control measures employed for unloading and storage of liquid raw materials used in the foaming process are designed to also eliminate potential risks of environmental contamination and fire.

Our employees are a well-trained and experienced group of people fully aware of potential risks. For many years they have been working as a part of the Vita Polymers Poland’s comprehensive environment protection system.

Zero waste approach of raw materials

Zero waste approach of raw materials

The technology of polyurethane foam production successfully implemented at both Vita Polymers Poland’s plants has been in use from the beginning and creates no waste. Custom foam products and polyurethane foam trim resulting from slabstock cutting are re-used in both The Vita Group’s and our customers’ companies and constitute a desirable material for further use. Vita’s approach results in a fully-documented pro-ecological polyurethane management system.