Our purpose & values

At The Vita Group, we put safety at the heart of everything we do and are constantly committed to ensuring that our every action meets all EH&S requirements, regardless of the time, cost and effort we need to put in to make sure we do what is right for our employees.

Despite the current difficult time, The Vita Group plays a key role by continuously serving customers in all of our company’s sites.

Our customers from various countries turn to us to help fulfill their needs.

As a responsible company and responsible individuals, we are constantly caring for each other, our world, the environment and people in need at this unusual time of danger.

Many of our customers involved in the supply chains of essential medical equipment and hygiene products provide written documentation stating that The Vita Group is an important and critical supplier of products in the global fight against Covid-19. These documents enable quick customs clearance and allow The Vita Group and its employees to fulfill their important and critical role in the production of equipment and accessories that protect lives.

One of the most exciting newly developed innovations is the  polyurethane foam used as a protective layer in personal protective equipment. We are committed to develop our creativity and increase the pace of change, that is why we use our company’s knowledge of processes, our extensive material expertise and the potential of the working group comprised of talented employees from all the Vita departments.

Our new solution can bring relief and provide safety and convenience to healthcare professionals, caregivers, auxiliary staff and individuals all around the world.

I would like to answer everyone who asked me personally or by e-mail, or who ever wondered: Why are we so motivated? The answer is quite simple – it is the spirit of integrity.

We operate because the people who make The Vita Group deliver on their promises and will always make the right choices, not the easy ones. And above all, we cannot and will not disappoint our customers in the health sector and we will keep delivering the necessary products to the heroines and heroes who are working on the frontlines of the current global crisis.

The Vita Group is always trying to be resourceful. Our Sales teams are constantly looking for solutions to problems and are striving to understand the needs of our customers and keeping pace with rapid changes taking place. Our fantastic Distribution and Logistics teams deliver products wherever they are needed most urgently. Our Procurement teams ensure the continued supply of raw materials. Our Finance teams are committed to provide access to the cash resources needed to keep our businesses running. Our Administration teams, office, cleaning, security and auxiliary staff make The Vita Group a unique place to work in.