Vita Polymers Poland has consistently and pro-actively developed processes and production capacities for advanced foam processing in Lublin, Szymanów near Wrocław and Żary plants. Specialized CNC machines and devices enable the creation of virtually all of the most complex spatial forms, details (profiles) – optimizing the process with computer planning of block cutting, also in 3D.

In addition to processing foam by cutting and spatial modeling, VPP has a great capacity for prefabrication by combining materials of various properties and forms – with water-based adhesives – e.g. manufacturing ready-to-use spring and foam seats, mattress inserts, composite and spatial prefabrication of furniture backrests, fleecy nonwovens coating etc. The VPP specialized processing plant staff has an extensive practical experience. This results in expert assistance with selecting of the optimal design, material and technical solutions to achieve the desired form and function of the product. Given the wide range of materials and the typically complex production program, a high standard of organization, planning, internal logistics and customer supply logistics is very important. Attention to all these aspects enables the delivery of products that fully meet the expectations of the customers, while also guaranteeing the highest quality, cost optimization and timely delivery.