CME fire retardant foam

The CME foam meets the fire retardancy standards required for the UK markets {The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988. S.I. No. 1324, Shedule1, Part I; BS.5852, Part 2}, and the US California Test (TB117-a and D).

The CME foams have a very wide range of application: furniture, mattresses, sports and entertainments halls, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, garden furniture and others.

The fire retardancy effect is obtained by using solid fillers (melamines) and liquid fire retardants in the appropriate proportions (according to the formulation); they are essential in achieving the fire retardancy in the production process. Liquid fire retardants are being incorporated into the polyurethane polymer’s structure during the slabstock foam – polymerization – process.

Each production batch of the CME foam is tested in the local Vita quality control laboratory for physico/mechanical properties and fire retardancy according to relevant international standards. In addition, every 6–12 months it is tested in a renowned external laboratory to obtain the required Certificate of Flame Retardance.

CME fire retardant foam (CV) has the attestation and certification required by IKEA.

In our range:

CME (CV) foam in the apparent density range from 21 to 35 kg/m3.

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