Reticulated open-cell foam

Our range includes reticulated polyether and CALIPORE® foam.

It is unique in Europe and created by the highly advanced reticulation process which causes all cell walls of the foam to be mechanically blown open in a controlled explosion. The process requires slab or rolled foam to be placed in a special reactor chamber. Hydrogen and oxygen are dispensed into the reactor which creates a reaction that is detonated by a single electrical spark in a controlled explosion which breaks the foam cells’ walls. This complex process is carried under highly controlled conditions to ensure the health and safety of employees and the environment.

The reticulated foam and its unique properties inspire designers and engineers, so more and more uses are being found for this material in ever-wider range of fields, from air, water and liquid filters in cars and cross-bikes to high-comfort products (mattresses, nautical, garden furniture) and special medical applications.

We offer polyester foam in the form of slabs, sheets, profiles, rolls.

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