VITAPOL VPPT Standard Foam

The production program of Vita Polymers Poland currently includes over 56 different flexible polyether foam products with unique characteristics.

Each production batch of VITAPOL VPPT foam is tested in the local Vita quality control laboratory for physico/mechanical properties according to relevant international standards.

Flexible polyurethane foam products have a wide range of applications, mainly in the production of upholstered mattresses. However, VITAPOL polyether foams are also used in non-furniture-related industries, including:

The modern VITAPOL foams production and processing technologies used by Vita Polymers Poland have also widened the horizons of furniture design and styling. This process continually enhances the usability and aesthetic qualities of upholstered furniture. That is why, thanks to the use of polyurethanes, some furniture designs can be elevated to functional art.

The highest quality VITAPOL VPPT foam is the most suitable material for any type of upholstered furniture or mattresses.

Recommendations for the standard foam user

The flexible polyurethane foam produced by Vita Polymers Poland sp. z o.o. can be used in a variety of applications; the basic one is manufacturing upholstered furniture and mattresses. Other equally popular areas can be found in the automotive, textile and packaging industries or in hygiene products.

Our range of products allows you to select the right material for any application, even the most complex. The selection criteria should depend on a number of factors, such as cushion thickness, upholstery (covering) material, acceptable loss of hardness and deformation during use, type of springs used (if any), designed product form, etc. The designer should keep in mind that foam with higher density exhibits better properties in long-term use (lesser deformation and lesser loss of hardness), and that hardness is not the only measure of foam quality. That is why, we offer foams with very diverse specifications, e.g. VPPT1615 (low density and low hardness), VPPT4870 (high density, high hardness), VPPT2550 (medium density, high hardness), VPPT2315 (medium density, low hardness, high flexibility) and many more.

VITAPOL VPPT standard polyether foam

In general, depending on the application, the following minimum densities can be recommended:

35 kg/m3 – essential seat parts
30 kg/m3 – lower backrest
25 kg/m3 – lining for springs or harder foams, backrests
14 kg/m3 – upholstery paddings, garden cushions

VITAPTOL VPPT standard foam (selected types) have the attestation and certification required by IKEA.

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