Foam for acoustic insulation

PUR VITAPOL open-cell polyurethane foam


main advantage of the PUR foam is its open cells and its structure that gives it its unusual properties. Foam of this type are a perfect element of various types of acoustic insulation.

We offer several types of insulation plates: flat and profiled („egg shaped” and „pyramid”), with have a higher sound absorption capacity in differentiated sound frequency range. The VITA line of foam for acoustic applications can be made with a self-adhesive layer that makes installing the insulation an easy and fun process.

Foam-based acoustic systems are used in listening rooms, recording studios, concert halls and private homes and others. In addition, our soundproofing solutions are perfect for noise reductionof industrial machinery, ventilation systems, power generators and other equipment such as air conditioners.

VITAPOL foam is perfect for insulating window and door frames as well as roof ridge tiles, roof wedges, etc.

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