GRAPHITE flexible foam

METZOPROTECT (MP) foam products are used in aircraft seats, and have the British attestation (Bunsen Burner Test, Kerosene Burner Test, Airbus Technical Specification).

TRANSPROTECT (TP) foam products have been used for many years in public road and rail transport seating, they have the attestation required by the UK and US railways and have been certified by the UK Ministry of Defense.

Depending on its type the GRAPHITE foam products have an air penetration rate from 100 to 350 l/min.

Each production batch of GRAPHITE foam is tested in the local Vita quality control laboratory for physico/mechanical properties and fire retardancy according to relevant international and business standards. In addition, every 6–12 months it is tested in a renowned external laboratory to obtain the required Certificate of Flame Retardance.

In our range: GRAPHITE foam with density range from 40 to 65 kg/m3.

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